The hatches have blown

Having a very challenging day with our truant son. Things are about to change around here in a very big way after his behavior this morning; there is no alternative but to stop being mostly Nurture and become Disciplinarian.

He's lost his internet, smartphone and gaming privileges for a week for this one; he knows this. When he tries to get bits of it back, he will find that there is no yielding this time. He has to learn there is a hard boundary past which he may not go. This is not fun for me, though he may think it is. I want him to do well, and he is being self-destructive; there's a lot I still need to learn about how to deflect these tendencies.
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Part of being a good parent is knowing when to set boundaries.
Some parents never learn that, unfortunately, and let their kids run the show.*

You're a good dad, Ian, because you're a good person.
I know you've got this.

*(note: I'm not a parent myself, so take whatever I say re: proper parenting with a grain of salt)