Shrinking the problem

Life is definitely different with a twelver around. It is more different when the child in question has had more trauma in his short life than many ever experience.  For that, we make allowances.  That said, he does still need to work through his damage to find a good way of living. To that end, our two prong approach began yesterday.

I took our boy over to a psychiatrist who specializes in pediatric trauma and the resultant behaviors/effects.  We had a good first meeting, the doc wrote a scrip for a mild, non SSRI med to try to alleviate his hypervigilance and therefore help him sleep more normally.  We begin with that tomorrow; all agreed starting a new med on a Friday was not a good idea.

Tomorrow, we have our intake appointment for an intensive in-home behavioral therapy program.  We hope that, with these two added resources, we can help our boy heal.