Kiddo Kaboom

There was an amazing show back in the last millennium called Animaniacs.  They had the Warner Brothers (and the Warner Sister), you had Slappy Squirrel, Rita and Runt, Mindy and Buttons, and of course Pinky and the Brain.  They also had a recurring teenage character, Katie Kaboom.  When something totally normal and mundane got under her skin, she transformed into a monstrous creature with growing rage often leading to a literal explosion.  I laughed myself silly over those bits at the sheer ridiculousness of the thing.  I know now what inspired her.

Somehow, the writers looked into the future and saw this afternoon.  Kiddo Kaboom didn't literally explode, but if it was physically possible I am sure he would have.  He was set off by the simple demand that he do the same homework the other kids did as a condition for his recreational activities.  Simple enough to us, but a mortal offense to him.  I know there are things that will be a lot harder for him than the other kids given his background; we are trying to find the best way to get the gaps in his education filled without making him feel stupid for not knowing things his classmates know, despite the repeated reminders that they were taught these things while he was moving around from place to place and even missing a whole grade along the way.  That said, there are subjects where he IS on an even playing field, yet he holds back.

We are frustrated, the kid is frustrated: it's a challenging time.  I know we will find our way through this.