School Daze

Our little one decided to play hooky again yesterday.  I was not in the least amused by this, but to be honest I wasn't horribly surprised.  We had brought down some truth Tuesday night, making him fully aware of how much we expected of him.  That's a lot for kid who had never really been driven to succeed before to process.

I tried to get him moving until around midmorning, then dropped another truth: kids who don't honor their obligations don't get recreations.  His screen time went to zero until he changed.  Around about 3, I bopped over to the school to grab his homework binder, sat him down and worked with him to get caught up as much as possible.  He worked hard for two hours, which earned him the Teen Wolf Finale.

He is at school now; when he gets home, he gets to visit with his therapist and then we have the monthly care team meeting.  If there's time after that, dinner, and his homework, he gets some internet (videos) back.  The PS4 is not his until he completes the week through to Tuesday; he needs to learn that big actions have equal and opposite reactions.

This parenting thing is hard, because I hate to see him unhappy.  It is just necessary.